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Stress Echocardiogram

Common Reasons For Testing

What to Expect

This test uses either exercise or a medication to increase the heart rate along with ultrasound images to assess the function of the heart under stress. The physician will be present during the test. EKG leads will be attached and electrical signals will be recorded before, during, and after exercise. A sonographer will obtain resting ultrasound images of the heart from different locations on the chest. If exercising, the treadmill will begin slowly then gradually increase in speed and slope. Once peak heart rate is reached, the sonographer will obtain more images immediately after exercise. If unable to walk on a treadmill, a medication will be given to increase the heart rate. Ultrasound images will be obtained at rest and periodically throughout the test. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes; allow 1 to 2 hours with preparation and recovery.


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 All testing is performed by a Registered Vascular or Cardiac Sonographer

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