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Aultman Heart Center and Pomerene Hospital Collaboration

What is the Collaboration of Aultman Heart Center and Pomerene Hospital?

The Aultman Heart Center and Pomerene Hospital have partnered to deliver the most complete heart care to the Holmes County Community. This collaboration focuses on two hospitals working together as a team to deliver exceptional cardiac care to patients in need, superior education to the nursing staff and an overall quality, patient experience. The program was designed to provide comprehensive cardiac care to the residents of Holmes County and surrounding communities. Should the medical needs of the patient go beyond the services offered at Pomerene, a smooth and streamlined process has been established to transfer patients to the Aultman Heart Center. The Aultman Heart Center at Pomerene Hospital will remain dedicated to the communities it serves. 

Where is the Heart Center Located?

The Aultman Heart Center is located in Pomerene Hospital. The center incorporates a collaborative model of care within the existing walls of the hospital. The Aultman Heart Center emphasizes the highest level of care from the same Pomerene Hospital the residents have grown to know and love. 

What Services are Provided?

The program offers enhanced, noninvasive cardiac diagnostic testing and services such as: echocardiograms (echo), stress testing, electrocardiograms (EKG) and sleep studies. The staff are receiving additional training to receive the same comprehensive cardiovascular education provided to the staff at the Aultman Heart Center. Clinical staff members who provide care to patients have been challenged to continuously pursue a higher lever of practice, knowledge and skill. This means whether you come for an outpatient test or get admitted to the hospital for a cardiac illness, the staff has advanced clinical judgement while advocating for your individual needs. All of these services will remain right here at Pomerene Hospital. 

Who is Providing the Care? 

The clinical staff of Pomerene Hospital provides the high-quality cardiac care to the residents of the community. The coordination of patient care is led by Lorrie Durkin, MSN, RN, CCRN the director of the program. 

Sourabh Prabhakar, MD, FACC, of Cardiovascular Consultants (CVC), is the medical director of the Aultman Heart Center and Pomerene Hospital collaboration. Together, Lorrie, the cardiologists of CVC and the staff at Pomerene Hospital ensure the residents of the community have access to cardiac services close to home. 

CVC is a full-service cardiology group specializing in electrophysiology (EP), interventional cardiology, peripheral vascular disease, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, cardiac surgery clearance and clinical cardiology. CVC is a group of physicians, along with advanced practice and registred nurses, dedicated to your care. This level of expertise combined with the ease of transfer to Aultman Hospital, if necessary for critical cases, is what makes this partnership unique. 

Holmes County Cardiology Services (HCCS)

Pomerene Hospital and Cardiovascular Consultants, a full-service cardiology group associated with the Aultman Heart Center, have joined forces to become Holmes County Cardiology Services. Now residents of Holmes County and the surrounding areas can receive seamless cardiac care from a team of experienced specialists close to home. Holmes County Cardiology Services provides a full range of diagnostic services, cardiology consultants, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions related to the heart and blood vessels as well as post-operative follow-up care and heart disease management. 

Holmes County Cardiology Services is conveniently located in the Millersburg Medical Center, just north of Pomerene Hospital at 1261 Wooster Road.

For more information, call  (330) 674-HART (4278)  



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