Medication Lists

Pomerene Hospital and other Holmes County healthcare providers are committed to providing proper care to our community.

Why Is This Important?

Having an updated and complete list of your medications with you at all times is important, especially for the team of professionals taking care of you and your health. Keeping an updated medication list keeps you safe. By alerting your healthcare professionals about your health and the medicines you are taking, you can help prevent errors such as omitting a needed medicine, getting the wrong dose of medicine, being prescribed a medicine to which you are allergic or a medicine that has a known interaction with another medicine you are taking. By working together, we can make sure that you are properly cared for.

What Do I Do With My Medication List?

The medication list located at the bottom of this page should be filled out completely and then hung on your refrigerator at home. Any time your medication changes, you need to update this list. New forms can be printed off this page whenever needed.

When visiting your doctor or hospital, ask about the wallet-sized forms that may be made available to you.


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