Pomerene Hospital Continues to Care for Community’s Health During Expected COVID-19 Surge

Pomerene Hospital Continues to Care for Community’s Health During Expected COVID-19 Surge


At Pomerene Hospital, your health and safety are our number one priority. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rise in Holmes County infections, cases, and hospitalizations we want to reassure you (our friends, neighbors, and community) that our promise to “care for our community’s health” will not erode or change.

Eight months ago, when the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) revealed itself, Pomerene proactively convened its business and medical staff leadership to assess our readiness if COVID-19 arrived in Holmes County.After careful review we developed a plan of action to address our risks and to prepare our operations, clinical processes and procedures, supplies and equipment, staffing, and our facility capacity.Communication became an essential resource as we conveyed our planning and preparations internally and began communicating safety measures, health guidelines, and educational materials to our patients, staff, providers, and entire community. Those same measures and safety precautions are still being recommended and practiced today in order to keep your hospital as safe as possible:

  • Screening all patients, employees, and visitors at all entrances of all facilities
  • Proper protective gear issued and used for all persons (including visitors)
  • Utilizing our Xenex germ-zapping robots 24 hours a day, 7 days week
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing
  • Separate entrances and directional signage for Surgical patients, Emergency patients, etc.
  • A dedicated COVID-19 patient unit within our medical floor with increased safety protocols
  • Investments in technology for improved communication between patients and visitors
  • Investments in new COVID-19 lab testing platforms and testing capacity
  • COVID-19 Mobile Screening and Testing Unit with increased testing capacity
  • Investment in additional supplies and protective equipment used during patient care
  • Added staffing and providers
  • Limiting visitation, but accommodating when applicable
  • Access to our Pomerene Medical Group providers through the use of Telehealth technology

Recently, Holmes County as well as other communities have experienced a surge in demand for COVID-19 lab testing and hospital medical care. Since July, COVID related hospitalizations have increased 400% at Pomerene.Despite fluctuating and increasing volumes, Pomerene has accommodated and maintained top-of the line treatment for COVID and non-COVID patients who sought care at Pomerene. Careful planning, working with our clinical and medical staff, as well as developing a wide network of resources and relationships with suppliers, vendors, local and regional healthcare facilities have contributed to our efficiency and effectiveness of caring for patients of all needs.

Through the support and collaborative relationships of our surrounding local and regional hospitals, we continue to provide most patient care locally while still having the option to send patients who need higher level medical care to our partnering tertiary hospitals and systems.

The majority of COVID positive patients who have either received a test through our mobile unit, have visited the Emergency Department, or who have been an inpatient within the hospital have gone on to recovery or are at home still recovering. Unfortunately, like many counties across Ohio or the United States, Holmes County has experienced patients who have passed away due to conditions associated with COVID-19.Our heartfelt and sincerest sympathies go out to those families who have experienced a loss. Overall, those who have been hospitalized at Pomerene have recovered well.

Pomerene encourages all of Holmes County to continue practicing health and safety measures such as wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and stay home when you are ill. These measures can help protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow community members.

For updated information concerning testing, safety precautions you can take, what you can expect at a Pomerene facility and more, visit our website at https://www.pomerenehospital.org/stay-updated-covid-19 or call our 24-Hour COVID-19 Hotline at 330-763-2055.

Pomerene thanks you for your continued support and well wishes during this time. We wish you all good health.

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