Computed Tomography (CT)

What to Expect

A CT, or Cat Scan, is a special type of x-ray that requires the patient to lie on a table while the table moves slowly. While the table is moving, images are being collected. A CT Scan allows viewing of the internal organs and bones and helps with the visualization of tumors, cysts, diagnosis of disease, and they help determine surgical procedure if needed. The exam is painless, but may require a small stick for an IV injection. Most exams take a matter of minutes to complete, but you may be in the exam room close to 30 minutes. You will be required to lie still for the exam and you may be asked to hold your breath. Pillows, sponges, and straps may be used for your comfort. Oral and/or IV contrast will be used as needed. Exam time varies depending on the exam, but you can expect to be in the exam room between 10-30 minutes.


When you arrive in the CT suite, you may be asked to change into a gown, as well as to remove any jewelry in the area of being scanned. It can be helpful to drink extra fluids the day prior to your CT if there is going to be an injection of contrast.


CT Testing

Please call our Radiology Department between 8am and 5pm to schedule your exam, at 330-674-1584 extension 4124


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